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Your greens are your business. Make it the envy of the entire island by using compost for landscaping installations and maintenance.


Available Products

Unscreened compost is coarser in texture, but is just as effective at providing results and minimizing costs as screened compost. We offer this option for customers who have less need to keep up aesthetic appearances of their crop

Screened compost is free of sticks, woodchips, stones and non-compostable materials. The compost screening process, though expensive and time-consuming, provides a final product that has a healthy un-clumped soil composition that is both highly effective and aesthetically appealing. Thus providing, the perfect amendment for your soil, especially within garden and landscaping application

This blend is ideal for vegetable and flower gardens, garden boxes, potting plants and other small projects. 50/50 mix is a blend of half top soil and half organic compost. This blend of product will give you and your plants the best bang for the buck. When the organic compost is pre-blended with the top soil it will continue a slow release of added nutrients for your plants for a long time with each watering

Decorator colored mulches provides gardeners with an option to match up mulch with the color and texture of plants in the garden. The non-fading brown or red color allows for months of consistency in your desired style.

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Filtrexx® SiltSoxx™ is a three dimensional tubular device made of mulch or compost encased in Filtrexx® Mesh™. It is designed to support storm water management, sediment & erosion control and pollutant removal Best Management Practices (BMPs).

Rental Equipment for Land Clearing Main

Minimum of 14 cubic yards per order.

Features & Benefits

  • Amend local soil
  • Retain moisture